Saint Francis of Assisi House Intro

House Chairs:

Martina Ricca

Howdy! My name is Martina Ricca and I’m a sophomore psychology major from Arlington, Texas!  My favorite color is green (like the crayon) and I love to love! A fun fact about me is that you can find me singing or dancing just about anywhere at anytime.  My favorite thing about St. Mary’s is the energy it produces, and that energy encourages me to live a life devoted to serving Christ! I’m so excited to meet you guys and show you the beauty that is St. Mary’s!

Paulino Paredes

Greetings! My name is Paulino Paredes. I am a Civil Engineering major from San Antonio (and Mexico before that!).  I can usually be found smiling and I love a good knock-knock joke, so please come and say hi to me if you ever see me at St. Mary’s. I hope that in the future I have graduated and am serving the world and God through my career as a civil engineer. I am very wise in the methods of listening in class with my eyes closed; I have perfected the method so it passes the time so well that I feel like I time jump five minutes in between naps. My hobbies include playing guitar, euphonium, and playing soccer, basketball, and football. My favorite animal is the axolotl. Praying for y’all and am so excited to meet y’all, and welcome to the Aggie family!

Lauren Gulde